@PoKos is creating your private, anonymous dial-tone to the Internet, based on our patented sixth-sense technology

Where's your Point?

Company Summary

PoKos is creating the dial tone to the Internet, based on its patented sixth-sense technology (SST). As the search engine of human awareness and interests, SST will power the discovery and delivery of all forms of global content and commerce. Our first product PoKos -- PoME™ -- is a feature-rich mobile platform, enabling users to engage marketers, brands and retailers anonymously across all channels, from first touch to close of sale

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Customer Problems

1. Vendors need to engage consumers who are not in their database.

2. Marketers need to engage all consumers on-the-go, with variable customized content relevant to their activity, before, during and after their presence at a store or an event.

3. Retailers and brands need new mobile communications tools: to facilitate and close sales of premium products at full price; and to engage and sell to known and new customers.