@PoKos is creating your private, anonymous dial-tone to the Internet, based on our patented sixth-sense technology

Ad Targeting Challenges

1. Browsers blocking cookies

2. Users value more privacy

3. Users want the golden 4Ws of marketing, to control who, when, where and what marketing content they receive

4. So how do marketers, brands and ad-tech companies reach their target audiences?

Only with PoKos SmartTarget™technology

WiFi Aware® and WiFi Alliance® are registered trademarks of The Wi-Fi Alliance.   SmartTarget™, SmartAware™, ENT™, SST™and  PrivacyConnection™ are trademarks of PoKos Communications Corp.  

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Company Summary

1. AAT: PoKos has attained the holy grail of anonymous authentication.

2.  SST:  PoKos is creating the dial tone to the Internet, based on its patented sixth-sense technology (SST).

3. Exposure Notification:  SST enables anonymous digital communications, and is at the center of all current exposure notification, contact tracing, and mobile movement-tracking efforts to help public health authorities control the spread of the novel coronavirus, thanks to PoKos' patent-pending exposure notification technology (ENT™).

4. Ad Targeting:  Through its patented SmartTarget™ technology, PoKos also enables targeted digital advertising in the emerging cookie-less world.

5. Network Aware:  This patented SmartAware™ application of PoKos SST will finally unlock the potential of WiFi Aware®, a certification standard of the WiFi Alliance®.

We are pleased to announce that the new national system for combating the spread of the novel coronavirus will be anchored by PoKos' exposure notification technology (ENT™). The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) has reported on its blog that, working in conjunction with Apple, Google and Microsoft, it is taking a major step to support public health authorities (PHAs) that want to provide exposure notifications using the Apple | Google application protocol interface (the “A/G API”).  The A/G API enables public health authorities to develop an exposure notification (“GAEN”) system that uses ENT™ to be licensed from PoKos to notify users of Android and iOS phones when they have been exposed to others who have or might have the coronavirus.

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, has launched a new initiative to use open source technologies to help PHAs around the world combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. The new Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) initiative is launching with seven Premier members – Cisco, doc.ai, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, Tencent, and VMware – and two hosted exposure notifications projects, COVID Shield™ and COVID Green™, which are currently being deployed in Canada, Ireland, and several U.S. states. LFPH will initially focus on exposure notification applications implementing a GAEN system and ENT™ to be licensed from PoKos, and will be expanding to support all aspects of PHA’s testing, tracing, and isolation activities. 

COVIDWISE, from the Virginia Department of Health, was the first mobile tracking app in the Statesto fully use GAEN and ENT™, pursuant to a PHA-license to be acquired from PoKos.  Participation in the app is voluntary. The more that people download the app, the more effective it will be, according to Virginia health official Dr. Danny Avila.  Alabama followed Virginia's lead, and Pennsylvania, North Dakota and South Carolina have also signed on to use GAEN and an ENT™ PHA-license to be acquired from PoKos, but South Carolina has not yet launched its public app. As of 11 November 2020, 19 U.S. states, districts and territories had deployed GAEN and ENT™ to enable their PHAs to notify users who have been exposed to the virus; visit this site for a current list of mobile apps deployed in the U.S.

Ireland’s Health Service Executive has announced that it is donating the code for its COVID Tracker app -- COVID Green -- as Open Source to LFPH.  This will enable jurisdictions worldwide to quickly build and deploy their own contact tracing apps using ENT™ to be licensed from PoKos.

In addition to Ireland, Canada (COVID Shield), Switzerland, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia,  Gibraltar, Denmark, Uruguay and Scotland are now among 31 countries implementing a GAEN system using ENT™ to be licensed from PoKos to help combat the novel coronavirus. In September 2020, England and Wales launched a new Covid-19 contact-tracing app based on ENT™ and GAEN. The ENT™  feature set is powered by PoKos' patented sixth-sense technology (SST™), which enables users to communicate anonymously with devices nearby.  The ENT/SST technology suite is thus well-suited to enable users to maintain their privacy, enhance their health and safety, and assist public health authorities prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.