@PoKos is creating your private, anonymous dial-tone to the Internet, based on our patented sixth-sense technology

We are pleased to report that Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the United Kingdom and now Ireland are using PoKos' exposure alert technology (EAT) to help combat the novel corona virus, deployed via the Apple/Google API. The EAT feature set is powered by PoKos' patented sixth-sense technology (SST), which enables users to communicate anonymously with devices nearby.  The EAT/SST technology suite is thus well-suited to enable users to maintain their privacy, enhance their health and safety, and assist public health authorities prevent the spread of the novel corona virus.

WiFi Aware® and WiFi Alliance® are registered trademarks of The Wi-Fi Alliance.   SmartTarget™, SmartAware™, EAT™, SST™ and  PrivacyConnection™ are trademarks of PoKos Communications Corp.  

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Ad Targeting Challenges

1. Browsers blocking cookies

2. Users value more privacy

3. Users want the golden 4Ws of marketing, to control who, when, where and what marketing content they receive

4. So how do marketers, brands and ad-tech companies reach their target audiences?

Only with PoKos SmartTarget™technology

Company Summary

1.  SST:  PoKos is creating the dial tone to the Internet, based on its patented sixth-sense technology (SST).

2. Contact Tracing:  SST enables anonymous digital communications, and is at the center of all current exposure alert, contact tracing, and mobile movement-tracking efforts to help public health authorities control the spread of the novel coronavirus; thanks to PoKos' patent-pending exposure-alert technology.

3. Ad Targeting:  Through its patented SmartTarget™ technology, PoKos also enables targeted digital advertising in the emerging cookie-less world.

4. Network Aware:  This patented SmartAware™ application of PoKos SST will finally unlock the potential of WiFi Aware®, a certification standard of the WiFi Alliance®.