What is PoKos?  PoKos is creating the dial-tone to the Internet, based on our patented sixth-sense technology (SST).  As the search engine of human awareness, experience and interests, SST will be your dial-tone to the world, powering the discovery and delivery of all forms of global communication, information, content and commerce.

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The Core Technology--Your Dial Tone to the Internet:

Our inventions conceive a communications globe where everyone, every device and every server is connected, as part of a universal communications field.

They give users complete control of inbound and outbound communications, for everything from privacy and anonymity to depth and breadth of the content s/he shares. Our technology enables users and devices to communicate, without reliance on or use of traditional contact information, or third-party platforms. In this context, user communications are very personal, and infinitely variable, and thus are unstructured both in theory and in fact. By contrast, digital distributors and social networks impose a set of structured rules for member participation, and frequently dictate an inverse correlation between privacy and breadth of communication.

Our SST inventions overcome the limitations of current competitive technologies to satisfy the twin goals of effectiveness and privacy, in everything from nearby communications and ad targeting to virus exposure alerts and digital contact tracing.  In short, we are re-imagining and creating a new dial-tone to the Internet.

PoKos’ technologies are well-designed to answer the current call for a solution to the competing demands of personal privacy and public health and safety, as highlighted by the ongoing concerns about the privacy and reliability of contact tracing, exposure notifications, and movement tracking applications and APIs to help public health authorities combat the novel coronavirus.

Similarly, the PoKos inventions underpin and should enhance the core capabilities of WiFi Aware, a new Wi-Fi Alliance certification program that:

  • extends Wi-Fi’s capabilities with a real-time and energy-efficient discovery mechanism that provides an immediate on-ramp to rich here-and-now experiences; and
  • is designed and predicated to enable a new wave of social, local, and mobile experiences.